Hi my name is Dale Sutton & this website is frquently being updated with new images 

I live in Battle, East Sussex where I am surrounded by spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. I love being at one with nature where I can observe an individual subject, learn to understand its behaviour and record the image to my best ability to show other people.

I have been interested in wildlife since a very young age and purchased my very first camera when I was about 16 years old. I suppose I was destined to be a photographer as my father was a keen amateur photographer himself and always tried to involve me in his latest endeavours.

My passion for capturing birds in flight first started when I received a book for Christmas called ‘The Water’s Edge’ by Stephen Dalton, where I was inspired to replicate some of his pictures. I was fascinate by the frozen wings on a particular photo: ‘A Barn Swallow drinking water from a garden pond’. This is what has brought me to specialise in this field as I find it more challenging and demanding as a photographer; trying to push the boundaries in capturing events using high speed flash photography.

The work that you are about to view is some of my most recent work and this year I am undertaking some new projects and also testing some new equipment which should produce some more ground breaking and technically rewarding shots. This will help me push the boundaries in my quest for more difficult subjects. Come back soon to view my latest projects as they unfold.

I am interested in any contractual work utilising high speed flash equipment, you will find my email address on the contacts page.



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