Bat Flight Photography In France


Bats are fascinating animals – the only true flying mammal. Bats play an essential part in the natural world and are indicators of a healthy environment.  Approximately 25% of the world's bats are threatened with extinction.  A least 12 bat species in the world have already become extinct.

On this holiday you have the chance to experience and photograph some of Britain’s rarest Bats, in the beautiful French countryside.

Dale Sutton, award winning photographer and high speed flash photography expert will be your host for the week.  Dale has contributed to 20:20 Vision the most ambitious conservation visual media initiative ever staged in Britain. He has won categories and been Highly Commended in the British Wildlife Photograhic Awards, and won National Insect Week by the Royal Entomological Society.




This is the list of Bats known to frequent the barn and other outbuildings.

Barbastelle – Very rare                                             

Grey Long-Eared Bat – Very Rare                             

Kuhl’s Pipistrelle – Very Rare                                    

Bechstein’s  - Very rare

Whiskered Bat

Brown Long-Eared Bat                                               

Horseshoe Bat                                                            

Natterer’s Bat

Daubenton’s Bat

Bat Holiday Details

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