Its that time of year again where young Kingfishers have dispersed to lakes and rivers all over the country to seek remote fishing spots to get them through the winter. 

But this year they haven't had it easy with the wettest summer every recorded, rivers up and down the country burst their banks after record rain fall which has flooded out Kingfisher nest holes and has had a devastating effect on this years population. I have seen this happen before but nature has a wonderful way of bouncing back, so fingers crossed for next year.

All said a done I went to my local spot where I see Kingfishers this time of year and am happy to report that they are back again.

Here are some images taken this year so far. 

      Here is a Kingfisher watching the fish swimming around below as they make a ripple in the water.

    A common site after he has cought a fish, juggling the fish in its beek to get it the right way round to swallow.

     The Kingfisher is for ever preening to keep his feathers in tip top condition.

    This is an aggressive posture to another kingfisher when it approaches



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