Once again another year with the Little Owl family is over.

I have again had the pleasure to spend the past 6 weeks with a family of Little Owls and shared some intimate moments with them.

It all started in the second week in May, waiting in anticipation for the first signs that the chicks had hatched in which gave me the green light start photographing these charismatic owls.

As experience tells me with nest photography you never go near the nest until the eggs have hatched, as the parents can easy desert while still in the incubation period. so therefore I watch from a fair distance and as soon as I see signs of the both parents bringing in food, I know that the bond between them and the young is stronger and the chance for desertion is a lot less. This is when my chance for photography begins.

With this series of images you will see some intimate moments that have spent with this family and also tried to capture some artistic content within.

Above; Poser

Above; Taken on 1200 iso at f/5.6 1/8000 sec.

Above; Keeping her eye on the Buzzard flying overhead.

Above; In flight.

Above; Backlit preening.

Above; Running along a rail after a beetle.

Above; Hovering above a stump looking for mice.

Above; Backlit coming inti land on a stump.

Above; That tipical stare from the Little Owl.

Above; The three youngsters peering from the nest chamber.

Above; One of the young being fed by the female.

Above; Taken with high speed flash showing this Owl coming into catch its prey.

Above; Backlit with the sun behind.

Above; Backlit in black & white.

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