1982 spotted flycatcher leaving the nest
3848 daubenton s bat
4153 zebra jumping spider
4595 little owl approaching nest hole with worm
5186 grey wagtail flying upto nest
6636 marsh tit leaving nest hole
7818 giant lacewing in flight
9454 marsh tit
barn owl with prey2
blue tit
bumble bee in flight
daubenton s 2 bat
daubenton s bat4
daubenton s bat 2
daubenton s bat 4
daubenton s bat feeding off the water
daubenton s bat reflection
daubenton s bat with insects leg in mouth
daubenton s ba t3
giant lacwing
hover fly feeding on honeysuckle
img 4943
img 5200
kingfisher taking in fish to the young
little owl
longhorn beetle in flight
swallow flying through stable door
tawny owl
tawny owl with dormouse
wasp catching hover fly in mid air

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